We would like to compliment Daku Resort for their sincere efforts to make our dive vacation on SavuSavu a success.  The Daku staff acted as our liaison before we even arrived in Savusavu.  They set up our dive package, confirmed dates, times, and pick-up status.  Once we arrived at Daku Resort, our week of diving was completely organized.  Daku Resorts, their owners and staff are perfect individuals to coordinate this type of vacation; experienced and organized, yet flexible, helpful and fun.

Diving at the Dream House, Savusavu

Diving at the Dream House, Savusavu

We dove in the SavuSavu area during one of our weeks in Fiji, and were delighted to see such pristine reefs and so many critters.  The dive master’s desire to show us the best of what SavuSavu area had to offer left us awed at all the underwater beauty.  A number of dive sites had fabulous swim-throughs; especially beautiful when the suns rays flowed in and illuminated large schools of sweepers, squirrelfish, and soldierfish.  There were many dives with impressive colors and diversity of both soft and hard corals.

The variety of brilliant colors of the soft corals became mesmerizing; like looking at the most gorgeous flower gardens.  Our favorite dive site was Dream House.  We saw a hammerhead shark, a school of barracuda, 10-15 large batfish, two white tip reef shark, along with a plethora of beautiful smaller reef fish swimming amongst the corals.

On other dives we saw; anemone fish of all varieties popping in and out of their host anenomes, leaf scorpionfish, popcorn shrimp, lion fish, nudibranchs, shrimpgoby, eels, sea snakes, schools of grouper and sweetlips, turtles, and blue-spotted rays.

To say the least, we had a tremendous dive experience and cannot say enough wonderful things about the Daku Resort staff in creating the perfect dive vacation.

Vicki, October 2008